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Navigating Taurus Season to Gain a Greater Appreciation For Internal Self-Worth and Value

Taurus invites us to go slow. To feel everything around us with all of our senses. To engage in the present for whatever it may be, encouraging us to find value in ourselves and the lives we live for the details and things we easily look past in our day to day lives.

This energy is slow, steady, and stubborn. Taurus doesn’t thrive off of change, which may come as a challenge as we all learn how to grow and navigate through the unsure atmosphere of COVID-19. So, some of you may be thinking about how will that work in the next four weeks while we are amidst an international pandemic and some of the biggest changes in our lives?

This energy will encourage us to just be - to thrive in stillness. It will encourage us to work on our inner worlds while our outer world changes. The change we are upon in our outer worlds is not to force us to change but to empower us to grow to meet it where it’s at and maybe even surpass it.

Looking and turning inward isn’t an easy job, especially when Taurus is involved. Though this energy is slow and very feminine, it has everything to do with the self-worth and value we place on ourselves. It asks us to find where we may be looking for external validation. Where we find meaning and value in our lives, what we believe in, what our core values are…the list goes on.

It can be challenging to look at these areas of our life because well... society has never explained to us how to look at them consciously. It has never encouraged us to reflect on our collective consciousness as a whole. Whereas now, we are all being faced with it. And, ultimately the shame or lack of ability to do so, as a result, means that it can be a very difficult thing to do for most of us.

But with this Tauren energy comes a pace of ease and grace, helping us all to break down the stubborn forces triggering you to avoid discovering your internal self and looking deeply at these areas of life itself.

This energy is beautiful. It carries with it a sense of beauty, unlike the other signs. How can it be beautiful to look inward right now? How can the stillness of life encourage us to bring forward aspects of ourselves we have kept hidden for far too long? How can moving and being a little slower in our day to day lives allow us to be more present and grateful in each waking moment?

Triggers, though they can be difficult and extremely uncomfortable at times, are your invitation to growth. With that being said, remember when moving through this month that if something comes up around self-worth it’s asking you to dig a little more into what’s happening below the surface. Self-worth doesn’t come from outside circumstances, even though that’s what we’ve been shown or told basically our entire lives. It’s an inside job. It’s the way we hold space within ourselves and the way we choose to process outside influences.

Navigating Taurus Season to Gain a Greater Appreciation For Internal Self-Worth and Value

Own in on Your Self-Worth

The money in your bank account doesn’t determine your worth or value in this world and neither does the clothing hung up in your closet. So what and where does self-worth come from then? This month will invite you to really gain a much greater and clearer understanding of where your worth and value comes from. This energy is going to welcome a very important lesson for us all to integrate moving forward as the world changes and we head toward our new definition of normal.

Something daily reminders and things to reflect on a daily basis as we move through the next four weeks:

What are your strengths? What do you appreciate about yourself?

What do you have today, at this moment, that you’re grateful for? What do you bring to the table for your relationships? What is something that you did for yourself today?

What did you accomplish today?

What can you accomplish?

What did you for someone you love today?

Now, reflect on the why.

Come Back to Your Values

What values do you hold? What values are your own, in their purest form?

These are questions that can and will help you navigate through unknown times.

When we take time to break down what we believe vs. what others tell us we should believe we start to gain a new sense of value in our own worlds as well as gratitude for the way our lives have unfolded. This attracts others who are on the same level and we are able to live at a place of more acceptance for what is happening, both the good and the bad, as well as gain a higher level of personal value and internal confidence.

What is your top 5 core values? The non-negotiable type.

What are the things that are so important to you that you cannot and will not bend or compromise based on the opinion or outlook of others?

This is your chance to build a solid foundation of beliefs based on what you feel and know to be true. Our values come from our beliefs and our own lived experience. Don’t feel like you are not up to par or even surpassed others because you do not share the same core beliefs, instead feel grounded in the comfort of knowing that today in this very moment you are intuned with yourself and what you have learned up until this point.

Indulge in Your Senses

Taurus is all about the senses, I mean all of your senses. Taurus is an earth sign that finds grounding in the simple pleasures of life. So, the next four weeks will bless you with calm and gentle energy of fully feeling the beauty of the earth. A good meal, a smile from a stranger, the birds chirping and the flowers blooming as we begin to welcome Spring back into our lives, and so on. You can definitely expect your senses to be heightened, which is aimed at encouraging you to feel into the things that you love and let go of the things that don’t bring you a sense of peace in these uncharted times.

So indulge. Be free in the beauty around you, but go slow.

Ease up & Get Down to Pleasing Yourself

It’s okay to be stubborn, sometimes. It’s okay to feel uncertain about change. It’s okay to feel anxious about unpredictability. It’s completely normal and it would be unnatural not to, especially right now. The next four weeks' energy may bring up resistance, particularly to change. The reason why you may feel resistance is that a part of you may not want or be ready to change, but it’s important to recognize it for what it is and realize that change and growth is not always comfortable, to say the least. Especially, when so many of us are feeling a type of force to change that is outside of our control. This can especially cause tension in situations that we are faced with on days and weeks to come but the most effective way to invite the change is to ease up on the grip and our instinctual need for control.

It’s important to understand that we don’t have control over any of this, for various reasons. It’s not just you - it’s all of us. We only have control over how we deal with it and decide how to move forward with it. This is where self-care practices can be incredibly beneficial and something Taurans are pretty darn good at.

Dabble deeply into the areas that arouse your senses. Create art, cook, bake, bathe alone with a glass of wine, put on your most extreme outfit, dance around your bedroom in your nickers, get naked, masturbate or get down and dirty with your partner for breakfast, lunch, and dinner … just get into your body in the most graceful or ungraceful way you know best. Just go for it. It’s all about pleasure, whatever that looks like to you and in an abundance. So, go on with your bad self.

Don’t Be Afraid to Receive

Allow yourself to receive it, free of judgment. This is the energy of moving slow and stepping back allowing the fruits of your labour to find you. It’s about understanding your value and what you bring to the table. All of what you have to offer is what you will rightfully receive.

You deserve, and are completely worthy, of everything you have ever dreamt of receiving regardless of how things are unfolding in the outer world. You may feel at a standstill, but things will continue to come to fruition for you if you allow yourself to embrace new ways of life and dive into your resiliency to get back on track with whatever you were working towards in your life before all of this.

These next four weeks you’ll see abundance all around you even when there is fear there isn’t. Again, it is that sense and reaction, that is inviting you to see the beauty that already surrounds you and has surrounded you in your everyday life. It is an opportunity to open up your perspectives and see the things you love in a new and abundant way (the little things) if you allow it.

Take some time each day to make note of these things whether it’s through photographs, journaling, voice memos, doodles, etc. Years from now, when looking back on this time, you’ll remember all of what you experienced and endured as well as how damn important the simple, things in life are. You’ll look back and see just how abundant and beautiful the world was in 2020 and find gratitude for slowing down. For the international connection, compassion, and empathy we all share. This is the month where we get to go slower and allow the rest of the world to balance out. To sit back and get quiet. To lean into the energy and solace that’s within all of us all while enjoying the simplicity of life.

Written by: Courtney Burns Visual Art by: Nikki Dicunto

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