A community built on adversity & art. 

Striving to eliminate stigma around mental health for women by increasing awareness through shared experience.



Lisa Kim 


i am me; & you are you.

Lisa opens up about the challenges of growing up.

dating, puberty, body dysmorphia & self-harm. 

how her life long battle with eczema was once the source of her pain and how she is now learning to be softer with her self and nourish the place she calls home.


by working to be more confident in herself and her body through the power of patience and gratitude. 




Real Women Real Stories



Nikki Di Cunto

Founder & Creative Director

Founder and creator of MADWOMAN: MDWMN. Nikki started MDWMN after publicly sharing her own battle with bulimia as a safe space and supportive platform for women to share and connect over their shared experiences with adversity. 

MDWMN strives to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues for women by increasing awareness and creating a sense of community through the art of story-telling. 


MDWMN uses raw and original art forms as a way of expression. Nikki specifically uses photography as a creative outlet and exclusively uses film photography to accentuate the raw and unique beauty of each and every woman that she meets and their story. 


Your Story

if you're interested in sharing your story on MDWMN and helping us redefine the meaning of mental health & stigma for women we want to hear from you!


At MDWMN we are currently open to commissions for those interested in a film shoot to inspire and empower change, confidence & self-love (both personal or business)