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Who Are         We?

For women by women, MADWOMAN (MDWMN) is a global community that is dedicated to celebrating the intersectionalities and resiliency of women. 


By using various visual and literary art forms MDWMN strives to amplify the voices of women from around the globe while cultivating strength and interconnectedness through shared experience. Our mission here at MDWMN is to unapologetically tell women's stories while increasing awareness around psycho-social issues to eliminate mental health stigma. 



Now & Then with Keegan Chambers

I am a totally different person from the last time I was featured on MDWMN.


It’s been a whirlwind. I was in the thick of therapy; diving into childhood trauma while also beginning a new relationship. Working at a job that I hated while simultaneously trying to get my acting career off the ground


…but it feels like the dust has settled and I’m in a much better place now.

Real Women Real Stories

cultivating strength & interconnectedness through vulnerability 

It's Our Right to be Heard 

Made for women by women, MDWMN Radio is committed to creating less space for criticism and more space for vulnerability and human connectedness. Through a series of raw conversations, MDWMN Radio brings listeners an unfiltered reality through the exploration of personal stories and expert advice while untangling experiences of adversity, intersectional feminism, and women's rights.

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