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For womxn, by womxn MADWOMAN (MDWMN) is an inclusive global community that is dedicated to celebrating the intersectionalities of womxnhood and resiliency while eliminating mental health stigma through creative expression.  


By using various art forms, including the art of story-telling, MDWMN strives to amplify the voices of womxn from around the globe, while cultivating strength through vulnerability.  Through compassion and shared experience, MDWMN unapologetically celebrates womxn's lived experiences while increasing awareness and collective healing. 



Because of Her 

Almost 13 years after losing the love of her life, her mother, to an 8 year battle with breast cancer Paige opens up for the first time.

Sharing some of her most cherished memories as well as heartaches on how her mother's passing has defined her life and the womxn that she is today.

Real Womxn Real Stories

cultivating strength through vulnerability 

It's Our Right to be Heard 

Made for womxn by womxn, host Nikki Dicunto, helps to create less space for criticism and more space for vulnerability and human connectedness. Through a series of raw conversations, MDWMN brings listeners an unfiltered reality through the exploration of personal stories and expert advice while untangling experiences of adversity, intersectional feminism, and womxn's rights.

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