Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Nikki Dicunto 

Nikki built MADWOMAN (MDWMN), from the ground up, after publicly sharing her own lived experience as a safe space and supportive platform for womxn. 

As a health care professional, with experience in mental health and social justice,  Nikki had the tools to overcome her adversities - however, she continued to struggle in silence. After years of relapsing, her strength to share her story brought an overwhelming sense of community, support, and healing. 


The community became pivotal in her ability to find self-acceptance and compassion in her journey, no longer feeling alone in her truth. Her experience inspired her to create MDWMN to connect womxn from around the globe and provide a platform where their voices can be amplified and heard. 


Who We Are

real womxn real stories 

For womxn, by womxn - MADWOMAN (MDWMN) is an inclusive global community that is dedicated to eliminating the stigma around intersectional feminism and mental health through creative expression and personal stories of adversity and resilience. 


By using various art forms, including the art of story-telling, MDWMN strives to amplify the voices of womxn from around the globe, while celebrating strength in vulnerability. Through shared experience, MDWMN unapologetically validates womxn's lived experiences while increasing awareness and collective healing. 


Let's Work Together 

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Are you interested in sharing your story on MDWMN and connecting with womxn from around the globe? Are you passionate about increasing awareness and dismantling mental health & feminist stigma amongst womxn? Is your art grounded in your lived experience? Are you interested in holding an event that will make a positive impact on the health of your community?


Let's chat! MDWMN is grounded in collaboration with other like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the diversity, equity, and inclusion of womxnhood as well as empowering womxn to find strength in vulnerability & supporting emerging artists to engage in creative expression. 

At MDWMN we believe that everyone has a story to be told and now is your time to be heard