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How to Embrace The Waves and Tides of Pisces Season in 2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Photo by: Nikki Dicunto, Cannon Sure Shot 70 Zoom 35mm film

Dates: February 19 - March 20 Zodiac Symbol: Fish

Zodiac Quality: Mutable Zodiac Element: Water

Pisces, the season that comes at the end of the astrological year. It’s a time for completion.

A time of contemplation. A time of dreaming and releasing all that has left to leave from your physical reality. Pisces show us how to go with the flow. How to feel and how to use our intuitive nature to guide us through the unknown parallels that we live in.

This may be the ending of the Astrological year, yet in our calendars the year has only just begun. This time of year will help us clear out anything that we are still holding on to that is keeping us stuck in old realities. Old dreams. Old ways of living that are no longer aligned with where we are going and ultimately where we are meant to be.

In the next few weeks, we will all be met with Pisces energy where there is a tendency to feel everything, where all 37 trillion cells become alive. Pisces are feelers - they feel everything deeply to their core. With Pisces currently in Mercury this means love, money, and self-worth will all come to the surface which should be unapologetically embraced so that we can fully transcend into the new self that we have been cultivating this past year. Each day that passes, we are all changing and transforming. Pisces is not only a time to recognize that change but embrace it.

So, how do you move through this time? With Mercury Retrograde happening, we essentially have to reflect and analyze all of the things we missed or overlooked in the past in order to move forward. Don’t be surprised if your sense of dreaming becomes amplified during this time. Pisces are dreamers. They can lose touch with reality and are known for fantasizing, but what’s so wrong with fantasizing? The answer is - absolutely nothing, you may feel exhausted (emotionally or physically) though and need to rest, to cry, to cleanse. Whatever it might be in order to feel what it is you’re going through at this point in your life, whether you need to nurture it or release it, allow yourself.

Remember: everything you feel is coming to the surface to be acknowledged so that you can heal. So that you can move forward with clarity and see exactly what future lies ahead.

How to Embrace The Waves and Tides of Pisces Season:


When you feel tired or imbalanced, it may be a good time to reflect on whether or not you’re getting enough sleep, moving your body enough, or even fuelling your body with the wholesome nutrients it needs. Though, all of these things are important it is also important to allow your mind, body, and soul the time to meditate. To just sit with itself in silence. To put on music and allow it to take you away into a dreamy state. Learning to sit in harmony with yourself slows your nervous system down. By slowing down it gives you the opportunity to discover new opportunities and new solutions. It allows you to own in on your feelings, your intuition, and your inner guidance. Meditation can be beneficial during this time on so many levels. It gives us the chance to build self-awareness and discover what it is our body needs from a holistic standpoint. When we not only listen to that but act on it we may just find the answers that we have been looking for, the answers that have been right in front of us all along. It’s time to open up our perspectives to the possibilities.


Now is the time to start some sort of spiritual practice if you don’t already have one. If you have already established one, that’s amazing, and now is the time to go deeper. To allow your spiritual practice to open you up to new feelings, which will ultimately lead you into the unknown; into the wild. Spiritual practices are innately personal. They are intimate forms of self-love that can be anything from meditation, journaling, yoga, kundalini, to even rejoicing within yourself in order to “heighten your gifts “ or even the gifts of others that have been recently discovered. If you haven’t already developed a practice, even though it is something you’ve thought about countless times but never had “enough” time to actually start, now is the time. Starting doesn’t mean drastically changing your lifestyle but rather simply taking time back for yourself to do something that your mind, body, and soul have been craving. It’s a time to start taking yourself and your needs seriously. It’s time to stop putting yourself on the back burner.

MAKE TIME FOR YOU (it’s called self-care)

Pisces is represented by the fish. They like to go with the flow and sometimes this comes across to others like they are constantly changing or switching things up, which has some level of truth to it, but because of their nature they feel everything around them deeply to their core. Taking in others’ emotions, changing with the waves and tides of the emotional world around them. Pisces are emotional, they’re compassionate empaths which can be somber at times, but remember emotions are art. Feelings allow you to process the world around you. Empathy is great and connects us all but it can be overwhelming when we don’t care for ourselves first. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the rush of emotions the comes along with Pisces season it’s important to make time for self-care. So, you don’t like baths? Try taking a salt bath, hop on a flight, dip your toes in the ocean. Take time to just rest and reset. Give yourself space from others and the world around you, it’s okay to take space and learn the power of saying no. In the world we live in today, it’s important to take a step back and realize the impact of what we’re digitally consuming and the effects it has on our mental health. The winter blues, or seasonal depressive disorder, is a REAL thing. Crawling up into our favourite knit blanket, getting take out, and binge-watching our favourite series can be both therapeutic and toxic at the same time. Be conscious of your emotions, be conscious of your needs, and act accordingly.


Ahhh with the rush of emotions comes the crashing wave of our forgotten dreams that will essentially whisk us away. Pisces season is a time to unapologetically dive into every and any dreams that we want to make come true. What visions we have for ourselves, no matter how out of reach or unattainable they seem. This will also be a time where physically your nights will become alive, filled with dreams, both new and recurring where we will wake up feeling like we just traveled to the unknown or built a completely new life for ourselves all within a few hours. Keep a dream journal, your inner being is trying to tell you something. Jot down what comes to you whether it be the details of your dreams or the way your dream left you feeling. Often our subconscious minds will give us the answers during our dream state when the storm of our realities and daily lives pass, where we are truly relaxed and open enough to receive them.


Just be. This is the month to be as much as you can. To let yourself be in your feelings and in your emotions. To be here in the present in the flow of energy. To remove yourself from living in the past or intimidation of the future. It’s important to remember that emotions are literally feelings in motion. We don’t need to become attached to them but they do give us insight into where we need to go and what we need to let go of in order to get there. Feel whatever it is you’re feeling and communicate your feelings. You are entitled to feel and they need to be heard in order for you to be able to release, let go, and be open to receiving.

Love and money will be an overarching theme in what you feel and what you receive during Pisces season. You might have even already started to feel it. With the Mercury Rx we will be asked to reevaluate the value of money and our ways of obtaining it. It is a time where creative inspiration will flow through you and more ideas will come to fruition through dreaming. Where nothing is impossible and what you have to offer the world comes to light. It is the kind of blinding light that cannot be ignored. As we welcome creativity and new ways of thinking all different types of love have their place as we move through Pisces season. Really tune in and listen to what your intuition is telling you. Pisces have a tendency to have “soulmate syndrome”. They are people who love to be the fixer or healer for everyone around them, especially those they love. Love is one of the most beautiful human experiences. However, even love can be damaging, especially when you forget to love yourself first and foremost. While moving through Pisces season selflessness will be at the forefront but you can continue to tend to others in a healthier way by opening your heart while also creating and respecting your own boundaries. It may be challenging at first, you may even want to resist it but the reality is you cannot show up for others if you can’t show up for yourself. It’ll be more of a balancing act, but you know what you need to add or remove in order to make it work. Just look inside of yourself. The answers are there.

Written by: Courtney Burns (@bravelybeautifulblog)

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