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How To Move Towards Your Future Self and Escape “The Funk” During Gemini Season 2020

Graphic by: Nikki Dicunto

Dates: May 20-June 20

Element: Air

Zodiac Quality: Mutable

Symbol: Twins

It’s hard to even begin to believe that we are approaching the mid way mark of 2020. While Gemini season falls at the end of May, we’ll mostly feel its energy throughout the beginning of June; the official halfway mark of the unpredictable year we have already been navigating through these past couple of months.

Gemini season brings about a breath of fresh air and new beginnings that we have been longing for since the beginning of the year. Gemini is the sign that is known to be charismatic, social, and ultimately loves to have fun. Gemini’s are curious about the world they live in and don’t shy away from exploring the depths of it. With Gemini season comes mutable energy, which means flexibility and adaptability at it’s finest. We are being given encouragement from the archetype of this sign to move forward. Forward towards a new world order as restrictions and lockdowns begin to lift from our current realities.

Gemini is quick to switch, hence the twins. Quick to switch into something that excites them more and brings more joy and fun into their lives, which means they can easily walk away from the things that no longer serve them in this capacity.

The next four weeks are all about the sun being in Gemini giving us hope for what we are moving forward towards. Throughout this month we will all be given a chance to look deeper into our own lives through the lens of curiosity. Through many different and new perspectives. Gemini season wants us to question everything all while having as much fun as possible (whatever that may mean to you at this point in the year). This sign is grounded in the idea that there is always “two sides to every story” that there are inevitably “two sides to every coin”. With that being said, Gemini season has us looking at our lives as if there are two sides as well. It’s important to question life and gather information, reflect, and go inward to find what exactly it is that brings about the thrill and meaning of being alive; but Gemini pushes us towards the importance of doing. Of making our awareness of ourselves, our passions, and our dreams our reality by acting on them. That it’s important to be social, get out there, and ultimately try our hand at whatever it is that makes us tick while being open to sharing it with everyone and anyone.

So, how exactly does this look like for us in the next few weeks?

What can we expect from Gemini season?

First of all, it’s important to highlight a few things. As much as it would be helpful to just look at what is happening with Gemini in the sun, there is a cluster of retrogrades happening and not to mention we are also entering eclipse season, while also mixing in the change in the Nodes. For the next year and a half Gemini will be in the North Node of future destiny. A typical Gemini season? (what is typical nowadays anyways?)

This season will still carry all the traits of the typical Gemini energy, but it will also hold a lot of space for us to be going deeper into ourselves, into our relationships and ultimately pulling us slightly backward before being able to propel us forward. It’s important to remember that sometimes we have to take 3 steps back in order to move 5 steps forward.

This energy is here to encourage transformation, one that may be the most pivotal that you ever experience in your lifetime. It isn’t here to scare you or detour you from doing the inner work that feels uncomfortable. It’s here to give you the hand that you need to get through it. To know that you aren’t alone and that whichever path you choose, after all of this is said and done, that you will have an entirely new outlook on life and potentially live in a way that you have always desired. Live in a way that feels authentic and real to who you are at your core, in a way that has always seemed impossible so you turned away disappointed and bound by fear.

It’s entirely possible that the direction of your life is changing and transforming on some level. This is the season you will uncover truths that are necessary to move into your future destiny. (remember North Node Gemini). Instead of fearing these truths, let them light the way.

How To Move Towards Your Future Self and Escape “The Funk” During Gemini Season 2020


Gemini’s are creative and dynamic, which is going to be showing up in all our lives over the next few weeks and months. Old projects, that you dismissed in the past or lost interest in, may be coming back around. Your passion re-sparked by new ideas of how to truly make them come alive. It may even feel the pull to share these projects with the world, Gemini’s are “doers” after all. Big or small, anything grounded in creative expression is coming to the forefront. This season is giving us an abundance of creative thoughts and ideas to run with. Again, get curious. Maybe these projects are unlocking something within you. Maybe they are preparing you for something you are innately meant to do on this earth. If you have had projects you have been working on during is the time to share them. The world wants to see and hear about what you have been working on, regardless of what that voice inside your head may have been telling you over the last few months or even years. Let this energy give you the creative boost of confidence you deserve.

Relationship Reboot

Good news, this season will bring your relationships to the forefront. Unfortunate news, this season will bring your relationships to the forefront. Gemini's are often known to be amazing friends. The ones that bring out the fun and playful side in everyone, which is what makes them amazing individuals to have in our lives. When it comes to being in relationships, they often have a hard time committing and have a tendency to switch or change their minds often when they feel bored or are in a mundane place in life projecting that into their relationships. They are air signs so they often crave freedom and mental stimulation. When this is lacking in any sense, they tend to emotionally check out. On the flip side though, they can always have the tendency to always need someone by their side (hence the extreme social side and yearning to be with others). That’s why it is truly no surprise that Gemini’s are represented by the twins.

The next four weeks Venus will be in Gemini, which means retrograde. As a result, old relationship patterns will come to the surface, especially the ones that really don’t serve us in any way. We’ll be challenged to look at old patterns and limiting beliefs that we have been playing on repeat for years so we can leave them behind us once and for all. It’s important to remember that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one. It is the foundation on which you can then invite another individual into your life. Get curious about your values and beliefs when it comes to relationships. Write it down, focus in on what you need vs. what you want to move forward towards your future self.

What is non-negotiable when it comes to welcoming a partnership with someone else into your life outside of yourself?

How do you show up in relationships?

How do others show up for you?

These are great questions to think about in the coming weeks.

Get Curious About Literally Everything In Your Life:

Seriously, question absolutely everything right now. Again, remember that there are both sides to every situation and every possibility. Lean in and listen to all sides and make a decision from there. It’s important to “do” but at the same time be mindful that you are not acting on impulse but rather grounded in what exactly it is that you want. Gemini’s are like the child who wants to play and explore and ask all the questions why. This is a brilliant skill for all of us to start to get familiar with and used to as we begin to navigate our new sense of quote on quote “normalcy”. Seeing things from both sides gives us an advantage to see the complexities of our decision making process. It humanizes situations. It allows us to make truly informed decisions based around what genuinely feels good and right for us while allowing us to leave what doesn’t behind.

Talk, Talk, and Talk Some More:

Express yourself! Gemini’s are the communicators of all the signs. They are the ones who love to have long chats and talk about everything and anything under the sun, without the need to filter themselves or hold back. Gemini’s are what we all consider to be “social butterflies” and are flirty even to an extent. The ones who bring people together and connect us all in a fun and collaborative way. As restrictions start to lift around the world we will start to see an increase of people coming together, naturally, making up for lost time in a way. This is very much a signature Gemini trait. This month is an amazing time to allow new connections to form. To use new tools and ways of communication to make deeper more meaningful connections with the people around you. To not only talk, but also really listen to the people and world around you. We learn so much by talking to others and even more by listening. When we talk we are sharing what we already know, when we listen we have the opportunity to learn something new.

Most Importantly Have Fun:

If Gemini had a slogan, it would be “who cares, have fun!” They care a lot about letting loose, having fun, and enjoying the ride of life. But, in reality they also care a lot about what other people think at the same time. Contradictory, I know. The overarching theme of Gemini season is to really let go of fear of judgement and be free, enjoy the company of friends, loved ones, and even strangers. To laugh as much as possible, even at yourself, and enjoy the social aspects of life. All and all, we need this energy especially now. It is no coincidence that things are lifting and bringing us back together during Gemini season. It’s very possible that many of us have been missing this aspect in our daily life. So don’t shy away from opening yourself up to others.

And finally, this month you will start to naturally feel yourself smiling at the world around you, laughing louder than ever (the deep belly kind of laughs). Comedy, connection, community and laughter are some of the best sources of natural human medicine Gemini season can bring about during this time. Yes, this year has been a lot to handle and if you literally can’t even that’s okay to. Things have not been easy to put it lightly and it may take time, but be open to the idea to truly feel everything that Gemini season has to offer. There’s no rule book to this and no amount of astrology and/or guidance from others that can make us feel fully safe or change our perspectives on things. Gemini season is bringing us all a little something within this madness that will feel like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and a hint of realistic optimism we all really need.

Ultimately, lean in and get curious about the life you have been living. This might just be the opportunity you have always wanted to change things up and flip the script once and for all.

Written by: Courtney Burns the Founder of Bravely Beautiful Blog

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