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How Libra Season Will Help Bring Balance Back Into Your Life:

Libra a very charming and witty nature. The calm essence of the soul. A beautiful mind. Intelligent with intellectual ability to to be able to connect on a much deeper level. Libra’s balance us out. They are the mediator, the peacekeepers. The energy of freedom and love mixed into one. The yin to the yang.

We’ve made it to the halfway point in the astrological year. We are now in the season of balance. Of partnership. Of love. Of beauty. And, of harvesting of new beginnings.

Libra season immediately follows the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the harvest moon. Fall marks a time of letting go and of things falling away. This can be an incredibly emotionally draining process.

Libra has this essence of balancing the letting go and allowing the new to come toward us. It brings a sense of equally mourning and accepting both. With this energy we will find a sense of in between, of acceptance, and of balance that we have all been craving.

In Astrology, Libra is ruled by the seventh house. This is a house of partnership. Libra also being ruled by Venus impacts our values around love, money, beauty, and relationships. It is grounded in intimate connections. This energy also gives us the love and freedom to roam freely. Freedom to be and go wherever our hearts desires; all while still having the desire for companionship. This combination is a perfect representation of the scales depicted by the Libra image. When we have both freedom and partnership we can create a beautiful bliss point of growth not only in ourselves, but in those we are deeply connected to as well.

So how can we harness this energy and empower ourselves to move through the next four weeks? The key is to find balance.


This month we will have a tendency to be up in our heads sort of speak. Libra being an air sign there is a huge part of them that spends a lot of time thinking. They have beautiful and intellectual minds. With that type of energy, we need to be mindful though, as we may find that we get stuck internally. Listening to revolving thoughts in our heads over feelings of our heart. It’s practical to use our our minds and Libras have such an articulate way of doing this, but it’s important to balance the head with the heart. Emotions that get caught inside our minds are often needing to be felt deeper through our hearts.

Meditation, movement, and communication will help bring the balance. You might want to run from your feelings or try and over analyze them, which in typical Libra fashion, can make it very difficult to make a decision or move forward. But, it's important to sit with your feelings instead. To try and feel them through. Remember, feeling leads to healing.


Money is something that we all either feel comfortable talking about or sometimes it hits a nerve, making us feel anxious and uncomfortable. It is quite possible that these feelings will rise to the surface this month. But with Libra energy it’s a good time to question what money really means to you on a deeper level. What value does money hold in your life? Does it represent freedom? Does it represent safety? Does it represent material gain? Whatever the connection you have toward money is it’s time to reflect on it and look deeper.

Find what value it holds. This month we may find ourselves wanting to spend our money on other people. Being more generous. Using our money toward things we truly value in life.

It’s empowering to know what the energetics of money hold in your life and getting to the root of what money means to you this season. By doing so, it will encourage you to find true value in your wants, needs, and desires. Splurge a little, save a little. Balance!


Beauty for Libras is often visible through physical appearance, but one of the most beautiful things about Libras is how their minds work. Meaning that the next few weeks will have us gravitating toward people, places, and things that spark our interest by the beauty they possess from the inside out.

Often times Libras have a glow to them. They have a beauty that radiates from the inside out. We may have a tendency to want to splurge on things that scratch the surface level of our beauty ideals, but it’s important to remember that the only validation we need is from inside ourselves. It’s okay to find comfort in material items, but it’s remembering to ask ourselves what purpose is this serving me? Is this something that genuinely makes me feel good? Or is this something that I think will bring outer validation from others? The balance is finding the unique and personal things that make you feel good, internally. That includes people, places, and things. Beauty may have been taught to us on the surface level, but in fact true beauty starts from within. So, Libra season is the time to cultivate self-love, to set healthy boundaries, and watch you and your partnerships flourish.


How do you love? Because of all the emphasis being on our partnerships this month, it’s important to not only focus on how we give love, but how we also receive love. When we step into this place of wonder and curiosity of getting to know ourselves we are better able to find ways to communicate that in relationships. Loving another human being is a beautiful thing and Libras have so much love to give. So, this month when you are feeling all those feelings rise to the surface and you want to give all you have. Step into that. Give with your whole heart without hesitation. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Find the balance in knowing how you give love vs. how you receive it. Do you give love the way you want it to be given to you? Do your partner(s) know that you are giving love? It’s been said that we often give love the way we want to receive it, but that means it is not always given in a way that our loved ones want to receive it. This month take some time to explore your love languages. Your attachment styles and express gratitude for the partnerships you have or have had. These are incredibly powerful tools to create a deeper understanding of your partner and yourself.


The one we’ve all been waiting for. This is an area that many of us will feel a strong pull toward this season. Libras do best when with a partner. Often times Libras can find themselves over giving in relationships, often abandoning themselves, their desires, and emotions all to make the other person happy. This is something we all need to be conscious of, but especially this month.

With partnership coming to the forefront for us to look at were being asked to look at how we show up with our partners. Do we over give? Do we forget about our own needs? Or vice versa. Are the relationships we choose to be in an equal give and take? Is there a bliss point? If so, this is where the scales can be balanced. Whether you are single or in a partnership this energy is exhilarating. It’s a charming and flirty mix with the ability to intellectually stimulate the mind while also deepening the connection to a whole new level of intimacy through unconditional love and support. When in a healthy balanced partnership we’re able to feel safe to communicate our needs, wants, and aspirations. Use this month to go there. Not half way, but all the way. Vulnerability is encouraged and is a gateway to make sparks fly.

Libra season is our chance to balance out all this energy we’ve been experiencing throughout most of 2019. It is a time to walk in a new direction. To LOVE fully. To share and connect with one another about the journeys we’ve been on all while having healthy boundaries and learning to create deeper more meaningful connections.

Savour these moments.

Written by: Country Burns

Photography: Nikki Dicunto

Libra Model: Lisa Kim born on October 22, 1995

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