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How Aquarian Energy Will Inspire the Real and the Divine In You

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

The sign of rebellion. The ones who march to the beat of their own drum. Leaders in their own way, in a way that hasn’t been done before. This energy is so individualized. It holds space for us to step fully into who we truly are. It is a sign that celebrates our most unique selves.

Aquarius season marks a time of walking forward into an abundant energy. An energy that will really ask you to step up into your most empowered self to show the world your vision to show the world what you are here to create.

The next four weeks will give you a spark of true identity. A glimpse into yourself and your wildest dreams. It might even have you drifting off up into the stars dreaming and imagining different ways that this world could work a little bit better. Ultimately this energy is here for you, supporting you to bring all of these hopes and dreams to life. This month ahead is going to inspire questions about how you can bring your uniqueness, gifts and abilities to the rest of the world. It’s going to challenge you on how you can share within your communities by asking how can you serve on a larger scale? How can you use our talents and bring what you know to create change in the world?

Aquarians are known for being detached, even distant, but really they have these minds that are beyond beautiful and intricate. Minds that are able to think up new innovative ideas in a way that is different from any of the other signs. Aquarian energy is not only rebellious but often progressive and paradoxical, teetering between what is real (logical) and what is unworldly (spiritual).

The power that Aquarians have in this lifetime and in this cycle is huge. There’s another really important part of Aquarian energy, Aquarians have a very deep inner spiritual knowing that what they envision for themselves will happen. They know it won't happen the way that society says it’s “supposed” to happen because that's simply not how their energy works. They know that in order to make their vision come to life, they will have to do it in a way that is radically different from the rest of the world.

That being said, these next four weeks may have you feeling like you want to walk away. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to move away from the constructs of society. To move closer to a path that lets you be free and fully yourself. We are walking into the age of Aquarius, not only just the next four weeks but in the years to come, creating an overall overarching theme.

With this, you may start to notice massive shifts collectively, in your community, work environment as well as how you foster and cultivate relationships in your life. As much as Aquarians are individuals and do their own thing, they are also here to help serve their communities on a much larger scale. In the years to come, this energy is so potent, it will change the way you look at things. I mean, can’t you feel it? It has already started.

Look around, look at how we are all breaking away from the norms that society puts on us. Look at how we are gaining strength through nonconformity. Look at how we are finding our voices and how we are learning to follow our dreams. Look at how we are learning to use what we have to make them real. Feel the lift into spiritual consciousness that many people are beginning to wake up too. Have you woken up yet?

How Aquarian Energy Will Inspire the Real and the Divine In You:


How can you honour yourself? How can you fully without hesitation step into your inner being?

This energy will give you a chance to really feel the true nature of who you are. It can be hard sometimes throughout the year to not care about what others think, but not in this season. This season will push you towards being your most authentic self, accepting nothing less. Our ability to move outside of our comfort zones will be amplified during Aquarius season because, in order to create your vision that you see fit, you need to be authentic. You need to be able to be yourself and trust what you see in your creation. When you embrace yourself for all your quirks and nuances, you will see that it will invite others to do the same.

The more that you can believe in yourself and embody all sides of how you truly are the more the world will rise up to meet you there. The more you will attract people with the same energy. When we look back at the world and at your life, change has not happened by following in the footsteps as those before us or staying within your comfort zones. Change has happened when you have trusted in your abilities, in your ideals, and in your dreams. Change has happened when you have actively taken charge of your life, pushing yourself beyond what you thought your limits were and have taken a chance on yourself.

So, ask yourself:

Who am I?

What are the things that make me unique and different?

How can I honour these aspects of myself this month?

How can I show these pieces of myself to the world and be proud of them in the process?


You know that dream, the recurring one that simply never truly goes away? The one that always holds a small space in your heart no matter how hard you try to shake it or tell yourself it is impossible. That it could never be. Well, It’s time to let it come to life. It’s time to share it with the world.

Aquarian energy is not that of perfection, unlike Capricorn, it’s actually quite the opposite. It can be seen as messy and chaotic to the rest of the world . Messy and chaotic should not be taken negatively though, these energies fight against the ideals of “perfectionism”. It shows the world that we are able to take chances, make mistakes, and learn from them. That we are evolving. That we are growing as we begin to walk a new path grounded in creation and change. In no way is this easy, it will definitely take courage to walk boldly with your vision at the forefront of everything that you do but this energy is giving you so much empowerment and encouragement so it’s time. Just go for it. What is the worst that can happen?

You may see your aspirations and vision come to life in the most unexpected and beautiful ways. Or, maybe it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, don’t internalize it as failure or that what you believe in isn’t important. It means that you are learning, you are growing, you are evolving. None of us have gotten it right on the first try 100% of the time (remember that) but it’s those of us who choose to move forward despite the fact that see their vision come to life, whether or not it happens in the way you thought it would or not. If you keep on pushing, if you keep on trusting yourself, believing in yourself - it will happen.

So, ask yourself

What can I do this month to express my vision to the world around me?

*Hint if it scares you, do it! Fear is not something to run away from but something to confront and overcome it means change is in the air*


This energy has a very vast desire for freedom, for exploration driven by curiosity. To flee and go to places you haven't gone before. Soaking up inspiration and different cultures is exactly how Aquarians are able to find innovative and progressive ways to bring their vision to life. There's a high chance that you will be feeling a pull to different places, a pull to be free.

Not only in your physical environments but within your relationships and how you express yourself. All around this energy will give you a push toward wanting and craving more freedom in your life.

This can be hard within some relationships as not everyone has this desire, but Aquarians teach us that unique freedom is and can be beneficial to relationships. During this time keeping open communication about needing the freedom to explore is very important. Although we will all be experiencing this to some degree, it's important to remember that Aquarian energy can be very closed off and so focused on their own paths leaving those around us feeling a little left behind.

This is a great time to evaluate where you feel you need more freedom in your life. Where you feel suffocated and how you can express your need for freedom in a constructive way to others.

So, ask yourself:

Where in my life currently do I feel stuck and why?

Where do I feel a need to explore, to be freer?

How can I cultivate a sense of freedom in my current reality?

What do I need to change in order to gain this sense of liberation and freedom? 4. CREATIVE EXPRESSION

Aquarians have the ability to create something that speaks volumes to who they are.

The next few weeks would be a great time to evaluate how you are expressing yourself in your personal life and within the environment around you.

This energy will give you a boost of confidence, which is great in terms of taking a step forward with whatever it may be that you have been putting off, whether it be because of fear or because of a lack of self-confidence.

Through creative outlets and expressions, you are able to use the unique and special parts of yourself to make a ripple effect. Use this energy this month as a sense of belief, a sense of motivation to cultivate something from nothing. It serves such a large purpose, even if it's on a small scale.

Look at the world around you. The change that has been made so drastically in the last few years, really the last decade, has been about all the small things that have added up to cultivate the bigger more impactful moments in your life. Aquarius energy wants you to do your part. To express yourself through your creative outlets and help be the change you wish to see. It’s not about sitting on the sidelines and letting things happen. It’s about making things happen for yourself and for those around you. It’s about standing up for what you believe in but in a way that is authentic to you. It’s time to be your own source of empowerment, your own source of support. Don’t be afraid to be your biggest fan.

So, ask yourself:

How do I express myself creatively? What is the change I want to see in the world around me and the world at large?

What feels authentic to me in making a difference and supporting in the change?

*Now, make time for that. Make time for yourself to create. Make it a priority.*


You know when you’re on the plane and they tell you to put your mask on before helping anyone else? It’s true and this is a very important dialogue for Aquarians to learn. Aquarians are constantly giving and holding space for the growth of others. Pouring from their own cup until it’s completely drained and then they need a lot of time to recharge.

Supporting the growth of others is one of Aquarian's most divine traits and not something to be looked at in a negative light but it is important to foster our own needs and self-care too. When we take care of ourselves and take breaks well before we feel we need it, is when the real magic happens. Again this is something that society has deemed as weak and unproductive in the past but what we're learning is that when we slow down and give ourselves what we need, we actually come back stronger than ever ready to help in a much more effective way.

Aquarians are the water barrier of the zodiac signs, often mistaken for a water sign, what it actually represents is someone pouring what they have from their cup into the world around them. Into their relationships. Into their passions. Into everything and anything around them that they care about and then some but the reality is none of us pour from a cup that is completely empty.

This month it's important to not only reach the world at large with what you have to offer but it is equally as important to take care of yourself simultaneously as well. In order for you to impact as many people as your vision will allow, you need your cup so full that it is basically overflowing. The overflow will allow you to give everything you want and more to those around you while also being able to feel out the abundant energy of what you are creating.

So, ask yourself:

What can I do for myself this month?

What brings me joy? What makes me feel full? What can I do to help fill my own cup up?

How do I want to be able to show up for others? What does it look like? And, notice when you aren’t.

*reflect again on your on creative outlets and sources of expression, they can be extremely therapeutic*

Bring forth all you can this month. For yourself and others. Empower yourself and your community to do the same. Look in the mirror. Who do you see? The world wants to see you. Remember, you are free to be fully yourself.

Written by: Courtney Burns

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