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Five Ways You Can Channel Scorpio Energy to “Do The Work”

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Photography: Nikki Dicunto, Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom, 35mm film (Sydney, Australia)

Dates: October 23rd-November 21st

Zodiac Symbol: Scorpion

Zodiac Quality: Fixed

Zodiac Element: Water

The season in which feels darker, colder, and more introverted. This is the season where we are met with deep transformational energy within ourselves and the world around us.

This is the season that allows us to see the unseen. To dig a little deeper into the unknown to break it down and rebuild something new.

It gives us the strength to look into the depths of our shadows and sides of ourselves that we’ve buried away or felt ashamed of. Scorpio energy is very intuitive it gives us the push and curiosity to uncover things in order to become more powerful version of ourselves.

Scorpios often gets a bad rap and is one of the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs.

Often being pinpointed for being serious, dark, highly opinionated, passionate and extremely intense. Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign because of this. However, Scorpio is actually a water sign cultivating its energy from an emotional realm. Scorpios have the most transformational energy of the zodiac signs. They have the ability to feel things deeply and see things others can’t. They are powerful co-creators, if they want something they will do everything and anything to make it happen, they are calculative and always a few steps ahead stopping at nothing. This doesn’t mean that their intentions are bad, but that they aren’t afraid to work hard to get what they want.

My guess is if you are reading this, you are a millennial. You are passionate. You are driven. Your life has been filled with ups and downs of what feels like never ending transitions and transformations. If you are a Millennial you were born with Scorpio in Pluto. So, not only will you feel this energy the next four weeks, but on some level you will feel this throughout your entire life.

Millennials were put here on this earth to change things. To flip the script. To break down all old narratives. Old stories and beliefs systems that have been passed down to us that were embedded into our subconscious at a young age. We were born with this Scorpio energy in our Pluto to change all of society’s constraints. To make big changes.

And, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

We’ve been digging deeper and uncovering all the layers in which we have been told to hold back in order to live the life we truly want - to be able to live as our authentic selves. Changing the work of systems and structures. Changing the rules of relationships, love and sex. Changing how we connect on a more interpersonal level with one another creating deeper more conscious levels of awareness. As well as, knowing and nurturing the importance of creating space to allow vulnerability and mental health to be seen and heard.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and destruction. Scorpio is home to that energy. Not only is Scorpio the master of destruction, it is also the most beautiful ruler of deep connections. Scorpio energy is a water sign. It feels everything intensely and profoundly.

In order for things to change, the boat has to be rocked, things have to be felt in order to shift and to heal. In order to grow and change.

Scorpio energy is beautifully intense. This isn’t something to run from, though that may be our first instinct, but rather it is something to be empowered by. To look at and realize that you have this innate internal gift and ability to use this energy we have all been given to help us in our own personal lives and collectively within our communities and the ever changing world we live in.

Yes, Scorpio energy is deep.

Yes, hidden aspects of ourselves will resurface.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable but you will grow in ways you never thought possible if you embrace this energy instead of fighting it.

Scorpio energy is passionate, it has depth and an incredible strength. If you chose to embrace it, it will have us all taking a closer look at the areas in our lives where we crave deeper connections. Where we feel connected to ourselves, our partners and our purpose in life.

We need to remember that the world is constantly sending us mixed messages that at times can scare us and push us away from choosing our own path in life, but this energy gives us strength and courage to go there. To dig up the stuff that has weighed us down. To dig up the parts of us that are holding us in fear based patterns. This is the month where “doing the work” is effective. Where looking at the darkest parts of your shadows and talking about things that most people are afraid to talk about will come up.

And we, the millennials we aren’t afraid. We aren’t afraid because we know that with discomfort and destruction comes a beautiful rebirth of new beginnings and better equal opportunities for all of humanity. There’s a huge emphasis on “doing the work” right now, which entails lots of personal development meeting parts of yourself you maybe didn’t know existed.

Five Ways You Can Channel Scorpio Energy to “Do The Work”

1. Dig Deep Within Yourself

Pull out all the limitations and beliefs that are not yours. That have been passed down to you. Look at them. Feel them and show compassion for these parts of yourself. Allow yourself to gain an understanding for the ones that no longer serve their purpose in your life and let them go. Learn to let them go.

2. Address Your Shadows

The parts of you that make you feel uncomfortable. That you feel shame. Living in fear that somebody may find out that at times things appear dark and you feel broken. These parts of you are your “deep dark secret” that you’d do anything to protect. However, these are the parts of you that surface in the times when you are triggered. Let them come to the surface and learn how to see them and feel them without repressing them. When you do this you allow your shadow to walk with you. You release shame from your body and empower others to do the same. And, instead of allowing the dark pieces of yourself to lead you down a path of destruction you can learn how to understand and cope with them as one piece of millions that make you uniquely you.

3. Have The Uncomfortable Conversations

When we shy away from things that make ourselves or other people uncomfortable nothing changes. We weren’t put here to conform. We were put here to make change. To help the world evolve. We need to rise to the occasion and be brave with our conversations. It is okay to be curious, to be interested in the lives and cultures of others, to want to understand the world better - for all the good and all the bad. Create a ripple in the world empowered by conversations exploding with context and substance talking about the things that matter. Let people have their opinions. And, have your’s to. But have the dialogue. Be open to understanding the world, understanding other people and to change.

4. Embrace The Unknown

This is tricky because this energy is all about forcefully tearing things down to the ground in order to rebuild an even better and boulder structure for our lives. This can leave us in a state of not knowing what’s next. Be okay there. Let it all fall. Trust that something even better will happen. Trust that you have the strength and energy to cultivate it. Slowly, we are losing the element of surprise in our lives. Life is supposed to be all about the unknown because it is uncertainty that inspires us to take action in our own lives and livelihood. Use it.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Feel

Feel the depths of your soul so you can rise above. So that you can feel deeply connected, to not only those around you but more importantly to yourself. Learn how to be deeply vulnerable with those who you trust. Scorpio energy is passionate and bold. Feel where it takes you. Don’t fight it. See where it takes you and the conversations that come from it. If you do, it just might change the trajectory of your life.

Scorpio energy is a transformative gift. It doesn’t always look pretty and it definitely is not easy, but during the process it builds a certain strength and resiliency inside of us that isn’t felt during any other season to create a beautiful new beginning.

Written by: Courtney Burns (@bravelybeautifulblog)

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