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Five Ways Virgo Season Will Help You Make Your Dreams Your Reality in 2020:

Dates: August 23rd-September 22nd

Zodiac Symbol: Maiden

Zodiac Quality: Mutable Zodiac Element: Earth

The salt of the earth. The grounded consistent nature. The natural healers.This is Virgo energy.

Virgo is the sign that rules our thoughts and communication. Virgo is a grounded earth sign that is very efficient, practical, and effective. When they put their minds to something, anything is possible.

This energy is perfect for this time of year, especially after Leo Season. Leo had us going after all our hearts desires and shouting them from rooftops. Now that Virgo has stepped in it’s time to get down to business and make shit happen.

This is the time of year for many of us where we are headed back to school, work, or even starting up those new projects we dreamt up during Leo season. Virgo gives us the energy to make all of ours dreams a reality. And, it doesn’t just happen, there’s a lot of work involved but this is the exact energy we need to empower us to move forward.

So how can you expect this energy to play out in your life?

Well first off ask yourself this “Am I ready to do what it takes to make my dreams happen in real life? If you answered yes then get ready because this season will prepare you for the rest of 2019 and set the foundation for 2020!

Here are 5 ways Virgo Season Will Help You Make Your Dreams Your Reality in 2020:


Unlike Leo season Virgo is a little bit more practical. Often times they are in their head making plans and organizing their lives. This can and will get exhausting if you are doing something your heart isn’t fully in. So, it’s time to use Virgo’s energy to make all of your hearts desires that you found during Leo season and make them possible. It is time to re-evaluate the things in your life that may be weighing you down, learn how to walk away from the things that are no longer serving you, and use Virgos energy and focus to take your dreams seriously. Think of ways to implement them into your life. How can you make these ideas or projects come to life in a realistic way? Make lists. Journal. Pay attention to the details, you know the little things that make the big picture come to life. Sit down and make a plan for yourself. Not for anyone else, but for you. This will allow you to hold yourself accountable and get the ball rolling!


This season gives us the energy to make plans, orient details, and brush out any of the fine lines. Virgos love the details because every detail plays an essential role in the overall big picture. But here’s the thing… Virgo energy can we overwhelming and anxiety provoking. That being said, it’s important to practice breaking things down during Virgo season and to go step by step. This way you won’t miss anything AND it gives you a chance to breathe. Burnout won’t keep you on track with your goal. Use this energy to play with your vision for 2020! You might ask yourself, “What are the next possible steps to take to make my vision a reality? Where in my life do I need more focus to ground myself and build more of a stable foundation to grow on?” These are the areas of your life that might come to mind while thinking and planning during Virgo season.

This energy may have you thinking up ways to plan your finances better. Your career. Your health and wellness routines. This is the month you are being asked to get serious about the plans you’ve been pushing aside and making them a priority. How are you going to make this happen? Break it down one by one, be grounded, and be true to yourself in your approach.


First and foremost, find a routine that works for you. Chances are you have been indulging in drinks with friends, staying out later than normal, and enjoying midday mimosas. There’s nothing wrong with that, Virgos LOVE all of these things too, but this is a great chance to use this energy to build back your routine. Set boundaries, whether that means turning down social plans or changing up your eating, exercise, and sleeping habits. When you have a routine you are able to think more clearly and work more efficiently throughout the day on goals that matter to you - on the areas of your life that you value and care about. It’s never too late to start a new routine and if that routine is getting you closer to your 2020 goals NOW IS THE TIME TO START IT.


Virgo’s energy will have us craving deeper and more meaningful communication. Thoughtfulness and healing will be felt throughout the next month. Virgos are the natural healers of the zodiac signs who often put themselves last and put others they care about first. They just want to see the people they love happy, because that makes them happy. Empathy will be high during Virgo season. It’s important to communicate our visions with one another and have deeper more supportive conversations. Chances are there is insight within those conversations that will play a big role in what we are building for ourselves and the creation of our new future. So, talk to friends. Allow yourself to go deeper. Be vulnerable. Let yourself be seen and heard, while also holding space for others to do the same with you. If you do, magic will happen.


The energy that we are walking into now holds the capacity to have a lot of healing power. It’s grounded and rooted. It’s important to give ourselves the attention and love we need just as much as it is important that we give to others as well. We can easily find ourselves on the go, but we aren’t doing ourselves or our loved ones, jobs, and passions any favours if we end up burning out. That means, with all the energy we are putting out in the world we need to be able to allow it back into ourselves as well during Virgo season. Because Virgo is an Earth sign use this energy to ground yourself in nature. Go for forest walks. Watch the leaves change colour. Walk barefoot. Amp up your exercise routine so you feel connected to your mind, body, and soul. Eat more root vegetables. Bring plants inside. Pick wildflowers. Sage your house. CLEANSE THE VIBES.

We just had a huge summer of intense energy, so allow this season to give you the space to fall back into yourself and connect to the world around you. When we heal ourselves we are better able to better help heal others, which is exactly what we need more of in our world for 2020.

Written By: Courtney Burns

Photography & Creative Director: Nikki Dicunto

Model: Krystal Austin (born August 25, 1992)

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