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5 Ways Capricorn Season Can Help You Take Charge of Your Life in 2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Photography: Nikki Dicunto, Canon Sure Shot 70 Zoom, 35mm film

Dates: December 22-January 20 Zodiac Symbol: Sea-Goat Zodiac Quality: Cardinal Zodiac Element: Earth

2019 was the year of growth, change and radical expansion. We walked through the fire. We let our lives as we know it come crashing down. We watched as our lives took a left turn into places unknown. Shocking our system, we fled from areas that we no longer felt comfort in and moved towards the places our souls felt pulled to be. We pushed ourselves into discomfort. We began to feel comfort in the discomfort.

All to grow. All to allow ourselves to be fully free. Ultimately preparing us for this new energy. An energy that welcomes new beginnings and a new self. We have worked hard this past year, harder than anyone could imagine, to pick up all of the pieces and build a strong foundation to create something beautiful. Something magical.

This is Capricorn season. Capricorn season welcomes an energy that gives us strength in our ability to conjure up the motivation and drive to make our dreams a physical reality. Capricorn is the season for rebuilding. Where the clouds are clearing and we feel our ambition and inner self-belief return stronger than ever.

Capricorn season falls at the end of the year and right at the beginning of the New Year; which is definitely not a coincidence. Capricorn’s energy is dominated by independence. It’s an energy that builds from the ground up. The type of energy that can inspire us to make something out of nothing. It is an energy that is grounded, steady and stable. That of which we can use to our advantage moving forward into the new year, better yet into the new decade.

Capricorn helps us to focus on our goals and set intentions that directly correlate with the dreams and manifestations we put into place at the end of Sagittarius season. So, how can we build this new life? How can we choose to take inspired action into the new decade ahead?

Not only with Capricorn’s energy be abundantly felt throughout the next month, but it will also transpire into the new year up until the month of February. With Jupiter currently in Capricorn, we are moving towards a solar eclipse on December 26th. Not only is Jupiter in Capricorn, but Mercury will also be in Capricorn as well as the sun. So, needless to say, there is going to be a lot of Capricorn’s energy to work with as we welcome the new year.

With a lot of planets moving into Capricorn giving us a sense of renewed energy during this new chapter of our lives it will feel like an empowering embodiment of the true essence of Capricorn. With this energy, it's important to take note of all we’ve come to dream of recently. To take note of what it is our hearts have been pulling us towards.

You may have probably already had a massive shift in perspective this year when it comes to how you want to be living your life. If so, now is the time to take a realistic approach to making it all happen. This energy is not light, airy or dreamy in any sense. It’s real and raw. Capricorns are disciplined and persistent when it comes to reaching their goals. Again, not coincidental that Capricorn is the sign that welcomes the New Year.

So let’s do this. Let’s dive in. Let’s get down to business. It’s time to get serious about your goals and intentions. It’s time to embody them whole-heartedly and come up with a solid plan to execute your vision. At this point, you’ve let go of enough. You’ve made hard decisions. You’ve felt utter joy and defeat. It’s time to welcome in all of the unexpected and unknowns that are destined to head your way and take charge of your life in 2020. It’s your turn to co-create your reality.

5 Ways Capricorn Season Can Help You Take Charge of Your Life in 2020

1. DREAMS: What dreams have you put on the back burner up until now? What dreams have you not allowed yourself to live because of fear? Or self-doubt? Write them ALL out. Be honest with yourself. Be real here. No shame, no judgment. It’s time to get real about everything you dreamt of this past year so you can move forward with a plan of action.

2. VISION: If you close your eyes and picture how your life may look over the next 12 months what would that look like? How would you change? Where would you be living? What job would you be doing? Who would be in your life? And, who will you have to walk away from? Resistance might come up while you write these out. Resistance shows you where you are still holding onto fear or old beliefs that continue to block you from being your true authentic self. When those feelings emerge use them to your advantage, don’t run or feel ashamed of these feelings, they’re clues to what you need to work on (aka GOALS!).

3. FEELS: Now. Write a list of how you want to feel coming into a new year and a new decade, how you deeply and truly want to feel. When you are able to focus on your intentions of how and what you want to feel, you are able to find the root or reason why we want something. Why we desire something so deeply. We are able to understand ourselves on a deeper level and can consciously choose to listen to our feelings aka our heart and make our goals happen authentically.

4. GOALS: Write a list of your top 5 goals that you want to accomplish in 2020. If you’re having trouble thinking back throughout 2019 try to think of what blessings came your way that uplifted your soul and made your cells dance. How can you incorporate those things into your goals? How can you continue to seek new experiences and opportunities that ignite that same fire within you? Now, think about the intentions behind the goal. If you’re thinking of a goal that has to do with going to the gym 5 days a week. It’s important to self-reflect on why? Maybe it’s because you want to feel healthy. You want to feel energized. When we pair goals and intentions together as one we are able to hold ourselves more accountable through the awareness this gives us and to ensure that we are acting in a way that will ignite our soul and our ability to self-actualize.

5. INSPIRED ACTION (aka a plan): This is going to guide you towards taking the first step, despite how terrifying or intimidating it may be. Write out what you can do with the information you have right now to get you closer to your goals. What’s one thing that YOU can do at this very moment or in the near future that will help you get closer to that goal. That dream. No movement forwards is ever too small or insignificant. Remember that every little step is not any more or less important when it comes to achieving your goal. The intention behind the action is what drives you. It’s what makes you feel good and true to yourself throughout the process. Now think, what’s one thing for each goal that you can do? That you can do right now?

As we welcome Capricorn season, it’s important to remember that you have come this far. You’ve been asked to change your life drastically in so many ways. You may have embraced change, you may have been overcome by it but it’s important to be soft with yourself. It’s important to understand that it was all of the triumphs and the hardships you have endured this year were for a new beginning that you’re about to embark on.

Remember that every step toward your dreams is one step closer to living the life that was designed for you and that Capricorn energy will help you get there. If you’re scared to take the first step. That’s normal. That means you’re making the right choice. Instead of shying away from the fear, learn how to embrace it. To channel it in a meaningful way in order to feel the empowerment of the intensity rush over you.

Look how far you’ve already come and all you’ve accomplished. Be realistic in your approach moving forward, be true to yourself, know that you can accomplish everything and everything your heart has ever desired and stand tall in the power of this Capricorn energy.

You’ve got this.

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