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boys are temporary.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Muses: Giuliana Cavallo & Rachel Devitt

F R I E N D S H I P.

some friendships will last a life time, while others may not

not all friendships are meant to with stand the test time

not all friendships will feed your soul with the love it deserves

because, friendship is about change

it’s about growth

it’s about growing together

or accepting that you’ve grown apart

because, you see the thing is sometimes

friendship is about growing apart

it’s about accepting that it’s okay to be a different

it’s about accepting that it is okay to move on

whether it is with or without that person

it’s about preserving the love that was once there

it’s about watching the other flourish

it’s about sacrifice & self-love

it’s about learning to walk away

it’s about letting them go

because when the love is gone

& differences become criticized or shamed

it is friendship that can be lost in spite

it is friendship that can leave you broken hearted

so, let’s face it

friendship is hard but, for what it is worth

it is friendship that will pick you up off the bathroom floor

when you are not the best version of yourself

when you can’t recognize the person starring back at you

& when there are no more tears left to cry

it is the friendship that hangs on by a thread

when you are tangled up & confused

it is friendship that will love you unconditionally

because friendship is the family that you choose

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