Updated: May 12, 2020

"...the process itself felt liberating and I felt that I grew more as a person." - Sintja

"I've had the pleasure of working with MDWMN and I consider myself lucky to have been featured on her platform twice. Not only did she do me the favour of featuring me as part of her work, but the process itself felt liberating and I felt that I grew more as a person. She provided me with a platform to be vulnerable with my online following in a way that I had never done before. Through her work I was able to show a different, more mature side of me. I felt supported, encouraged, and heard. Not only that, but she pairs the editorial with amazing photography. She has an incredible eye! My photos with her have been some of my favourite. 

Like many of the other women she has worked with, her content proved very useful to me as I was able to promote my art with it. I love the overall content of MDWMN, what it stands for, as well as working with Nikki herself. This woman hustles, inspires, provides support and brings joy with her vibe in person and through her work. I can genuinely say that MDWMN is truly unique, as I cannot think of anyone else who dedicates so much passion and effort to make women who are artists feel heard about real struggles. MDWMN highlights the fact that everyone is going through something despite how ppl tend to portray themselves online (showing solely positive aspects to appear perfect), and does it elegantly through beautiful imagery and by propelling the interviews with all the right questions. 

"I am proud to say that I am her friend, and through her I have gotten to know other amazing women in Toronto. MDWMN is it's own brand, and from an objective point of view, it is it's own world. It is beyond just pictures and interviews, it is a movement with one powerhouse of a woman driving the whole thing forward. I hope that MDWMN continues to grow, and I look forward to seeing what Nikki accomplishes in the future. I highly recommend connecting with her." Much love,  Sintja Baba Toronto, ON

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